No, you're not having visual hallucinations. I've just released my new album, "Chronicles and Vanity" and I'm offering you a song from the album.....for FREE!  That's right. You pay nada, zilch, NOTHING!!!

Here's what just some of the critics said about my first record, "A Happening at Manchester Square"...
  • "Filled with songcraft and meticulous care...his acoustic guitar, at times accented with synth strings, takes an ambling journey through the album, giving an atmosphere of night, stars and secrets...dramatic and touching." - Mark Brown, Orange County Register
  • "We liked it...surprising and fun, comfortable...worth sending for." - Katherine N. Frog, Oil Magazine
  • "Has the mysticism and lyrical/acoustic textures of Al Stewart in a lot of ways. Garrett paints a vivid picture with the deep themes of his songwriting." - M.K. "Tarkus" O'Neil, KEOL, Lagrande, Oregon
  • "It's an independent folk rock masterpiece." - Parabrisas Magazine
  • "This album will take you 'out there' and then bring you back. Trust me."- Jim Clark, Lee County Courier
And here's just a part of what they said about my second record, "Anthem"...
  • "If you can't be inspired by his music, you're due for a headstone! A thoroughly enjoyable CD that gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us." -Rotcod Zzaj, aka Dick Metcalf
  • "Sawyer is a talented writer and guitarist with a very unique lyrical style." -Stacey Board, The Muse's Muse
  • " Sawyer obviously has a message for modern society, showing how far we have not come morally since the dawn of man. He has an ethos. " - Antonie Young, Score! Music Magazine
  • "Anthem is a great title for this album. Garrett Sawyer has put together a collection of songs that have a greater scope, anthemic if you will, than your normal singer/songwriter or folk activist songs." - Heidi Rockelman,
  • "Forceful and punchy progressive peaks followed by horn swells gives this CD it’s uniqueness. Along with the intelligent lyrics and acoustic and electric guitars the whole CD stands strong." -Real Time Records
  • "Anthem is a very impressive, highly recommended disc." -Geoff Melton, The Music Korner
  • "The guy's a real original." -Turk's Head Review

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